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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

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- It’s great to meet you!

So, I’m assuming you’re here because you’re ready to make a major lifestyle change, and with that comes the challenge of navigating through the overwhelming world of fitness fads and 'fit-fluencers'. I want you to know, you're not alone in feeling a bit lost in the chaos.

I truly understand how frustrating it can be to chase after the latest trends, only to end up feeling burnt out, injured, or stuck in a cycle of unsustainable progress. 

That's exactly why I’ve committed my coaching practise to a different approach – one that's tailored specifically to you, built on a foundation of sustainable exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition programming.

Here's how I address these challenges:


Personalized Approach

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. I’ll give you an honest assessment of where you are and craft a program that's uniquely yours. This ensures that every step you take is in the right direction – towards your specific goals.


Sustainability at the Core

I believe in fitness journeys that you can maintain over the long haul. My programs are designed not just for the short-term wins, but for lasting health and wellness.


Transparent and Honest Coaching

 I’m here to tell you the truth, even when it's tough. My focus is on your health & fitness, not on social media likes or following trends. By working with me, you'll have a professional coach who is invested in your success above all else.


Beyond the Physical

I understand that fitness is not just about the physical. It's about building a lifestyle that supports your goals and aligns with your values. I’m here to guide you in integrating healthy habits into every aspect of your life.

No More Ups and Downs

Say goodbye to the rollercoaster of quick fixes and hello to steady, consistent progress. I’m committed to helping you rise above the noise and to focus instead on becoming the best version of yourself.

What You Can Expect from me as your Coach:

  • A dedicated coach who listens first and designs later.
  • A clear, direct path tailored to your needs, goals, and starting point.
  • Support and guidance in lifestyle and nutrition, ensuring consistency and integration into your daily life.
  • A focus on building a solid foundation for your fitness journey, setting you up for reaching the highest peak possible.

I believe in you and your vision of success, whether it's achieving a specific goal, excelling in your sport, or overcoming illness or injury. It's about doing fitness for you, not for external pressures.

If you're ready to embark on this journey with me, let's schedule a call to discuss your goals and how we can tailor my coaching to your needs. 

I’m here to support you every step of the way, offering a no-BS, effective approach to fitness that's centered around YOU.

If you're ready to make your vision become a reality SHOOT ME A MESSAGE HERE!


Sue Merren has been coaching & changing lives in Grand Cayman for over 20 years. Her approach is to “train with intent” by meeting her clients where they’re at and coaching them to where they want to go, whether that’s increasing strength, changing body composition, improving overall heath, or athletic performance. Sue is a full time coach at The Rec Room at The Grove in Grand Cayman, and owner of Balance Cayman which now operates remotely.

Sue is a certified OPEX CCP strength coach, @opexrc Associate Remote Coach, fully certified Pilates instructor (educated in both BASI and Stott methods), and a certified Precision Nutrition L1&L2 nutrition coach. Her solid foundation of knowledge, her holistic approach, and her experience are what empowers her clients to become their personal best. Her teaching style is fun, compassionate, results-oriented, and professional.

You can work with Sue in person at The Rec Room at The Grove in Grand Cayman where she loves to coach strength training and Pilates, as well as habit-based lifestyle and nutrition coaching. She also teaches group classes including Pilates Mat and Reformer for all levels of fitness.

Sue also coaches her clients remotely from anywhere in the world using the state-of-the-art OPEX CoachRX app which allows for personalized short and long-term programming, goal-setting, fitness assessments, lifestyle and nutrition coaching, monthly video consults, and unlimited messaging and feedback.


Sue Merren is an absolute master coach who has taken me on my Pilates journey for many years, one that has been truly transformative. A master is someone with a wide range of skills and learnings allied to thousands of hours of applying them. A master has no need to tell you what they know, they simply listen and observe you as your coach, then effortlessly bring forth the perfect skill or tool at the right time for you as the student. I constantly learn from Sue, not only in advancing my Pilates practice, but as a coach myself I learn from her mastery in that space too.


I struggled with my fitness before working with Sue, trying for some time to get back to full health after major surgery. Her friendly and motivational personality has me working harder than I thought possible, challenging me at all levels, giving me results I never thought possible. She is so much more than just my personal trainer and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to help me accomplish my fitness, nutritional and health goals.


I needed to consolidate my strength & conditioning workout routine with targeted Pilates exercises to build my core and increase my functional ranges. Reformer Pilates under Sue’s expert guidance has transformed my core strength. Working with Sue twice per week has been a fantastic way to achieve much better awareness and control of my movement – for both lower and upper body. Sue has vast experience as a teacher and profound understanding of muscular anatomy. It is fantastic to work with her in every way and my progress is tangible from session to session. I would most strongly recommend Sue to anyone seeking to build their core and functional strength as well as flexibility in an injury free environment.


Sue has an excellent eye for assessing areas of weakness. She understands how the body functions, and devises appropriate exercise plans to gradually improve strength and function, which, in turn, relieved pain. She always balances the workout to strengthen the upper and lower body in all planes of movement. Sue is so calming, and we always have fun! The studio is in a very convenient location and I highly recommend Sue for her exceptional knowledge!


For over 10 years I have had the fortune of developing my Pilates practice through personal coaching sessions with Sue Merren at Balance. At the onset, I found Sue to be kind and patient in her approach. Whenever I felt that I was completely lacking with my coordination for a move, she would take the time to show me how to do it again and would assure me that in time I would get it.

Over the years, not only has Pilates strengthened and toned my body, it has provided me with an increased sense of confidence and well-being. As I was faced with some physical challenges this past year, Sue listened and worked with me to adjust my routine to suit.


My core training work with Sue to correct a posture-related muscular issue assisted greatly in helping to correct the problem. I found her both knowledgeable and very professional in her approach.


It doesn’t matter how stressed or unmotivated I might be when I arrive at Balance, I always leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the remaining challenges in my day. Sue’s calming nature combined with her extensive knowledge and lovely studio, makes her the perfect choice for a personal coach


I started remote coaching as I was severely off track on my workout routine and nutrition/lifestyle and had lost muscle tone/strength and weight and needed expert guidance, motivation and an accountability guide. Having also worked in the fitness industry myself as well as with Sue previously, and having found her to be one the best at coaching and gaining results safely and effectively, I reached out to her. I enjoy remote coaching as I can work in my own space within flexible time frames while still having my coach’s watchful direction via video communication if needed. This impacted my life in an extremely positive way physically and mentally- as I could start seeing results within weeks and could also feel the improvement in my energy levels and wellbeing while experiencing the joy of achieving my fitness goals with robust guidance & support. I would recommend Sue without hesitation to anyone seeking a remote coach who will deliver excellent guidance and support.

Dr. Marlene

I have been going to gym on-and-off for many years but have always struggled to remain motivated and to construct a program which is dynamic, appropriate for my specific requirements and challenging. The remote training has been a game changer for me. The program is tailored for me and evolves naturally with me, depending my progress and the feedback which I log in the app. There are easy to follow instructions with supporting videos and it also possible to upload my own videos if I need to check my technique on a particular exercise. It is great to have someone of Sue’s calibre tracking my workouts and providing guidance and motivation. As it happens, I started with the remote training following a labral tear as part of my rehab but, given the obvious benefits, I have continued with it.

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